Your Ticket to the World’s Wine Regions

WineAlign is partnering with wine regions around the world to offer exciting mixed 12-bottle cases delivered to your door. Not just wine countries, but regions within countries. You can just sit back and say – hey I have always loved the wines of region X, or wow - here’s a chance to explore the wines of region Y. This is not a subscription model wine club – no upfront fee or on-going obligation to buy cases you may be less interested in, although you may want to examine your prejudices because the wines will always be very good. They are curated by the extraordinarily well travelled palates of our WineAlign critics. They draw from wines already available in Ontario through the LCBOs Consignment program, and as a panel they must always agree they are worthy. So prepare to have your Passport stamped, and your glass conveniently topped up with something intriguing - the essence of wine travel.

Passport cases are delivered directly to your door.

Passport - Cru Beaujolais by Stephane Aviron

Cru Beaujolais

Passport - Cru Beaujolais by Stephane Aviron

The WineAlign Exchange invites you to do your own enlightening cru comparison with a special mixed case of six representative cru Beaujolais wines from Stéphane Aviron. It’s a terroir-lover’s dream. The case contains 2 bottles of each of the 6 crus chosen for this case. Only limited quantities are available. The cases are expected to be delivered at the end of June. The 12 bottle case (6×2) costs $380 plus delivery. Delivery fees average $17 in Ontario.

  • This curated, 12 bottle mixed case is a one-time offer. Limited quantities.
  • The $380 cost includes all taxes and our $25 curation, admin, storage & repackaging fee.
  • Delivery to your door is estimated at $17 in Ontario. Cases are scheduled to ship in late June.
  • Includes printed, perforated, detailed tasting notes